TIANI Studio is a software development agency from Poland

For more than a decade we build and deliver reliable outcomes, which serve our Clients for years.

Over 30 startups, companies and solopreneurs trusted TIANI Studio since 2012


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What We Do

Some projects we've done so far

Our Company helped dozens of Clients solve their IT-related problems developing applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android platforms, firmwares for Nordic, ST and TI boards.
We believe that with proper attitude, stacking of knowledge and respect to Client's needs There Is Almost Nothing Impossible.
Today TIANI Studio continues building trust and delivering successful projects to Clients from all over the world.

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TIANI Studio Sp. z o.o. (LLC)
ul. marsz. Józefa Piłsudskiego 74/320
50-020 Wrocław Poland
NIP: 7831694411
VAT-EU: PL7831694411
KRS: 0000441888